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Where to turn for help when buying a home

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-04 13:16:26

Are you getting ready to enter your local housing market? If so, you're probably feeling a bit overwhelmed. Mortgage rates remain very attractive, but increased levels of activity have served to deplete the inventory supply in many areas along the East Coast. Accordingly, residential sectors in this region have become much more active and competitive in recent months. 

However, these aren't adequate reasons to become deterred from pursuing the housing purchase of your dreams, are they? With the proper strategy in place, and support of the right professionals, the home purchasing process can be stress-free and even fun. Hiring a consummate real estate agent and enlisting the financial assistance of a trusted lender, as well as taking advantage of cutting-edge mobile technologies, can all help make the experience an enjoyable and memorable one.

Real estate agents
Due to the fact that purchasing residential property can be a time-consuming endeavor - one which individuals can rarely complete alone - it is generally a good idea to find a licensed professional to help you navigate the many steps. Real estate agents can work on the sale when you're unable to, negotiate with sellers and report back to you with any news or market developments. 

A realtor's advice could be priceless in the long run, as their expertise can help you avoid pitfalls and successfully meet all requirements. Before engaging with a realtor, however, you will want to make sure they are well aware of your expectations. Since they are working for you, they should cater to your desires and facilitate - not impede - the purchase process. 

Residential lending professionals
Unless you've got enough cash in your savings account to pay for the entire transaction, odds are, you're going to want to get set up with a mortgage. Home loans can help you to pay back the balance over a period of time, allowing time to provide for other financial obligations without accruing additional debt. Lenders can also help you prior to the purchase process, by determining your buying power and assuring that the house you pursue fits within your financial guidelines.

It is imperative you adequately research a financing firm before signing the dotted line. Reputable companies should maintain a favorable rating with the Better Business Bureau, in addition to an impressive track record and long list of satisfied borrowers. 

Modern mobile technology
In today's day and age, the Internet and mobile technologies play an integral role in many industries. These are tools that consumers can use to find deals and easily communicate with involved parties. As a result, sales can be finalized faster, as everyone can remain on the same page, stay engaged and better work together toward a common goal.

Mobile software, such as the recently launched Poli Mortgage Mobile App can keep every stake holder in the loan application process informed of loan status changes and developments. Both current borrowers and prospective clients can benefit by using the app, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store as well as through iTunes. 

Feel like you're prepared to pursue a housing purchase and complete the path to homeownership? Start with a call to Poli Mortgage Group. Our team of dedicated Loan Officers can help you lock in payment plans with low rates and accommodating terms. Since 2001, we have written more than $11 billion in home loans and helped countless clients close the residential sales of their dreams. Will you be our next satisfied customer? Call us today at 866-353-7654 to learn more and begin the process.

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