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If you think about it, most every business wants to be known as the “tops” in their industry. In fact, most advertising you witness will typically lay claim to “rated tops in customer satisfaction” or “for the very best in personal service…” or perhaps the ubiquitous “we’re number one!”

You’ve heard them all. But when searching for the very best mortgage lender, how do you find it? How do you find the highest rated mortgage company in the area when most will tout their performance as second to none? As with most professional services, you’ll have to do some research.

Top Rated Lender in New England

Here at Poli Mortgage Group, we're focused on one thing, you. We want to provide you with the lowest mortgage rates with little or no closing costs, that's what we do!

The first and perhaps obvious starting point is to contact the Better Business Bureau, or BBB, to see if there are any recent or pending consumer complaints. Top rated mortgage lenders don’t occupy space in the complaint department of the BBB. We enjoy an A+ Rating with the BBB. Yet you want to go much further than this initial litmus test.

Poli Mortgage, Inc. BBB Business Review


One of the best ways to find the best lender is to ask a real estate agent. Not just any agent but one of those Top Producers that year in and year out sell more homes than their peers. Top real estate agents don’t get to be top agents by accident. It takes years of work, planning and execution to consistently rank at the top of their field. Yet those same agents also have a support team that includes a quality lender.

Poli Mortgage Group closes nealry 1,000 mortgage loans each year that are the result of a Realtor referral.

Top producers depend on quality support that includes first-class mortgage loan officers to serve their clients. Mortgage loan officers who work with the very best got there by being competitive, conscientious and dedicated to their clients each and every day.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Each year you will find multiple Poli Mortgage Professionals documented among the top Loan Originators in America!

Find the best real estate agent you can find and ask to whom they refer their clients. When your question is answered, you can bet you’ve been referred to one of the best loan officers in the area. A plus? Top rated loan officers are also at top rated mortgage companies. First class mortgage lenders actively recruit the best talent in the industry, pay them well and keep in their employ for years to come.

Another quality of a top-rated mortgage lender is tenure. With the recent mortgage upheavals over the past few years, only the strong have survived. Companies that have been around both before and after the “mortgage meltdown” were the ones that did not participate in issuing mortgages to people that couldn’t afford them nor relied on “sub-prime” mortgages as their prime source of income.

Poli Mortgage Group not only survived the mortgage meltdown, we thrived during and after, something we're very proud of.

One caveat to this test of tenure? Many stellar loan officers left their old company to start their own new venture. This means you should see how long an individual loan officer has been in the industry in addition to the legacy of the mortgage lender in question.

Top rated mortgage lenders are also active in their community, their schools and local charitable organizations. Their commitment to their community is not just in providing mortgage loans but also being a community partner with the businesses in the area and the citizens they serve.

Please visit our Community Outreach page to learn more about the causes we support.

Note that some of the best mortgage companies may not be a household name to you. They won’t have a branch on every other street corner nor operate their own ATM. Yet they will enjoy a stellar reputation while offering the breadth of mortgage loan programs at competitive rates and terms, typically much lower than any bank branch.

In many metropolitan areas, consumers may find an annual report of the top rated businesses where they live or where they intend to buy a home. These lists might be part of a weekly survey of “Top Legal Firms in Boston” or “Top Advertising Firms” as listed by number of employees, number of transactions or annual revenue, among others.

Such lists also produce an annual “Top Rated Mortgage Lender” or “Top Loan Officer” supplement. Find that list and note the top few entries. While you are likely to find the name of a federally chartered bank with branches from sea to shining sea, pay close attention to the mortgage lender that may not be a household name.

That particular mortgage lender might just be the mortgage company you’re looking for. The mortgage lenders listed at or near the top of these surveys that are not national banks they are companies that do one thing and do it well: make mortgage loans.

It pays to do your very own due diligence, parse the paid advertisements and get referrals for a top lender in your area. 

At Poli, we strive to deliver what we promise and then some. Our slogan says it all: Rates. Integrity. Service.

The fact remains that there is no better way to judge the professionalism, integrity and commitment to customer service, than by listening to what actual clients have to say. 

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You can visit our ongoing list of real live customer reviews by visiting Google's well known "Places Review Center" .

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