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Top 10 Reasons to Use a Realtor

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2011-11-08 19:38:13

In the age of Internet technology with loads of information available at the press of a button, you may be tempted to not hire a real estate agent. But, if you study the market closely you will realize the importance of an experienced real estate agent in buying and selling a home.

Some people have been fortunate enough to buy or sell a great home on their own, without the assistance of a Realtor, but not all are as lucky, horror stories surrounding not using a realtor are quite common. In this article, we will discuss the Top 10 Reasons to Work with a Realtor†to buy (or sell) a home:

Tomorrow we'll also discuss a bit of†etiquette that you can follow to ensure you don't leave a trail of†aggravated†Realtors††in your wake. Realtor Etiquette Post

  1. Reduce your risk:†If you are not very familiar with the local real estate market then the chances are high that you may risk selling or buying a property lower or higher than the market. When you work with a realtor, you can eliminate or at least reduce this risk factor. Your agent can assure that you buy a home that is well priced within market standards.
  2. Knowledge regarding the present market conditions:†When you hire a professional realtor, he or she, presents you with his or her years of experience that cannot be earned overnight by surfing the Internet. Given the fact that they know the ins and outs of the market and the neighborhood, they can help you get the best deal and buy the right house at the most favorable terms.
  3. Understanding the complexity of the transaction:†Another benefit of working with a realtor is that he/she understands the intricacy of the real estate transaction. These professionals can help you understand the legalities of each contract and make aware of what you're signing. This experience can come in quite handy while navigating the process. Typically there are a series of dates within your purchase contract that need to be met, your Realtor will watch these dates closely so you don't miss anything.
  4. Negotiating deals on your behalf:†A realtor not only assists you with the paperwork but also offers to negotiate on your behalf so that you can pay attention to other important things in your life. Apart from helping you with the paperwork, they also organize the entire buying and selling process. Furthermore, they attend all the required appointments throughout the transaction. The realtorsí negotiation skills can get you more benefits than you may expect.
  5. Quick and efficient process:†When you work with a realtor to buy a home, it is in his/her best interest to work quickly, efficiently and in the best way possible. The realtor in this case tries his or her best to make use of all the resources available to help the clients meet their requirements.
  6. Estimation of value:†Given the fact that realtors are incredibly knowledgeable in their local markets, they know perfectly what to look for in potential homes. They also help you find out whether the home is priced correctly so you don't invest your hard earned money in a bad neighborhood, on a low quality home.
  7. Realtors have deep contact lists:†If you donít have the time to run after property sellers and buyers, then you can leave the job up to a realtor. They also have complete access to the valuable databases such as the Multiple Listing Service.
  8. Additional assistance: When you work with a realtor, he can also assist you in finding the right home appraisers, home inspectors, contractors, mortgage professionals, pest inspectors and more. This saves you time and energy.
  9. Objective point of view:†Working with a realtor, helps you get an objective point of view regarding the buying or selling process. It may be an emotional decision or you, but your realtor will always be there to give a reality check and save you from being taken advantage of.
  10. Most Realtors have been there and done that several times before:†When you work with a realtor, you donít need to worry about the ever-changing rules and regulations as the realtors keep themselves updated regarding all the changing market trends, laws and regulations.

Poli Mortgage Group maintains a database of Realtors†that we consider trusted advisors, we're sure that if you choose one of these realtors you will certainly have a smooth transaction.

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