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Tips to increase your home's storage

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-03-03 07:31:15

While most homeowners typically put their primary focus on maintaining the exterior of their house, many who choose to concentrate on updating their interior offerings can benefit substantially. In addition to stylish design schemes, individuals typically focus on chic storage solutions that can enhance a room's aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Did you recently just purchase a residential property? Interested in outfitting it with more storage options than it currently provides? You might want to consider a few home improvement projects that could help to introduce the following solutions:

Murphy beds - Although these may have previously been a source of slapstick humor in popular movies and television programs, Murphy beds offer some serious storage opportunities. If you regularly host overnight guests, but don't have enough rooms for everyone, having these retractable sleeping surfaces installed could be to your benefit, HouseLogic reported. Instead of cluttering up existing living areas with cots and rollaway beds, you can use these spaces in whatever fashion you wish during the day, and as plush sleeping quarters during the night. Further, camouflaging the beds - while in their upright position - with attractive cabinetry and moldings can further enhance an interior design scheme.

Alcoves, window seats - If you're hoping to add a few bookcases to a room without sacrificing precious wall space or drastically changing its overall appearance, a great idea is creating an alcove. By positioning shelving units on either side of a window, and filling the space between with a chest, you can create a sophisticated seating area that boosts the amount of storage the room offers and effectively highlights the window treatment, according to Houzz. Books, art and souvenirs can be displayed within the bookcases, while larger items can be hidden away in the chest, out of sight from visitors and overnight guests. 

Utilize elevated spaces - If your house features high ceilings, you might be able to find a number of new storage options by simply looking up. Utilizing the spaces above door frames, or on top on existing furnishings can afford you a number of opportunities to display or show or store your belongings. You might need a stepladder to reach them, but this can significantly reduce clutter. It is important to note, however, heavy objects should not be stored high up, as they can pose dangers to those below and be difficult to move when desired. 

Repurpose unused areas - Many of the older, historical homes in the Northeast boast unique floor plans. And, due to this fact, a substantial number of properties feature odd spaces. Instead of letting these areas attract negative attention, filling them with shelves or installing cabinetry can turn them into valuable storage solutions, Better Homes and Gardens noted. Open space underneath a staircase doesn't provide enough room for much, but could be a great place for a wine rack or custom bookshelves. Additionally, if your home features a room that is too small to house a bed, you could look to turn the space into a luxurious walk-in closet and dressing room, or even a home office. 

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