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The many benefits of energy-efficient windows

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-10-02 07:50:49

Up and down the East Coast, homeowners are preparing for winter by swapping out their existing windows for more energy-efficient, contemporary models. Doing so can have a positive effect on many houses, and serve to heighten purchase prices, if ever listed. 

Cosmetic benefits
Oftentimes, enhancing any outdated aspect of a home can effectively improve its overall appearance. However, due to the many styles and sizes of windows available today, consumers can customize the look they want in order to further enhance the appeal of their residences. Replacing every window can give a property a cohesive feel, while mixing and matching can provide an eclectic aesthetic. 

Financial benefits
Energy-efficient windows not only look good, but they perform better than traditional options. Modern models are more effective at keeping the bitter cold out and the warm air in during winter - and vice versa during summer months. This helps homeowners cut down their utility bills, as less power will be devoted to keeping occupants comfortable.

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