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The best flooring materials to use during a remodel

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-02-17 09:43:06

Are you looking for effective ways to improve your home in hopes of potentially seeing its resale value appreciate? There are a number of projects that can be undertaken to achieve this end, with some of the most effective being those that include an update to existing flooring. With housing markets up and down the East Coast expected to continue to strengthen in coming years, and more individuals becoming interested in the purchase of houses, those who choose to make valuable enhancements to their residential properties could possibly see a sizable return on their investment.

Interested in upgrading the current flooring materials in your home? You can get the most bang for your buck by undertaking one of the following projects:

Natural hardwood
This is typically regarded as the best material to use within a home's interior. Hardwoods floors can provide living spaces with an upscale aesthetic that can create a sophisticated ambiance and significantly boost a property's value, according to Houzz. For this reason, though, its popular styles - such as oak, maple, birch, bamboo, mahogany and teak - can also be some of the most expensive.

Using the same type of hardwood consistently through your home can enhance its degree of continuity and highlight the interior design schemes you've chosen to incorporate into different spaces. Further, adding exquisite area rugs can bring a contemporary look into any room.

Ceramic tile
Like hardwood, this type of flooring material is one of the most traditionally used, and still very popular among modern homeowners. In addition to its durability, tile can create an elegant look in just about any living area. It is also very easy to clean, which is a big benefit over flooring materials like carpeting. Ron Phipps, principal broker with Phipps Realty & Relocation Services, told Bankrate that a resurgence in the usage of ceramic tile and hardwood floors has been observed recently. 

"People like natural materials," Phipps told the website. "Ceramic tile, hardwood floors. We've gone back to a real appreciation for historically true materials. And simulated works as well. The look is very popular."

Laminate flooring 
Whereas linoleum can tear and look unsightly after some time, laminate flooring is a stronger and more attractive alternative. The many options currently available can emulate the look of expensive hardwood styles and exquisite ceramic tiles, among many others. In addition to it being extremely clean and maintain, it resists stains, fading as well as moisture, and is very simple to install, according to HGTV. It is also more earth-friendly than other materials, in that is uses fewer trees than actual wood flooring and can easily be recycled. 

If you decide to introduce laminate flooring into your home's living areas, you will have a choice between many different textures, finishes and shapes. It can come in strips or planks that mimic the appearance of real wood, or in a variety of patterns that look like tile.

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