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The 4 coolest high-tech home upgrades

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-10-29 16:06:27

Are you searching for your next home purchase? Or are you interested in refinancing to save some money and upgrade your current residence? Either way, you may want to capitalize on a growing trend in home design - the high-tech home renovation.

Your preferences could range from traditional, classic architecture to modern, minimalist decorations and sleek lines. Regardless of choice, your home could be integrated with a number of fantastic devices, technology and tricks that feel more like science fiction than fact. Even if a number of upgrades appear a little bizarre, on a whole, buyer preferences are shifting. More people tend to want their homes to have technology that can be a talking point - or simply make life easier. 

If you are in the market for a new home, Poli Mortgage Group can help. We are licensed in 17 states up and down the East Coast, so we can work with you to find affordable residential financing and low rates both inside and outside of New England. Our Loan Officers are highly skilled at helping first-time or prospective buyers and many others finance the homes of their dreams.

As you look for the next best home purchase, consider these cool high-tech home improvements as both inspiration and motivation. These design elements could soon become the future of the real estate market everywhere.

1. Decorative fireplaces
Are you tired dealing with tricky, dangerous fireplaces? Well, a household goods company from Australia may have the perfect solution, according to The Wall Street Journal. It isn't technically a fireplace, but it looks like one. Called a decorative appliance, it burns bioethanol in order to create majestic flames. Housed in something akin to a fish tank, these devices produce a great amount of heat without the hassle. At the same time, they increase ambience for any room - even apartments.

2. Compact, personal generators
When you are looking to purchase a new home, overall safety could be on your mind. If that's the case, you may want a high-tech generator in case the power goes out. The Wall Street Journal explained that a GE Generator System is both small and efficient. It is an 8 kilowatt generator, and it can be housed less than 2 feet from a home - perfect for close-quartered living.

3. iPad integration
In Telluride, Colo., there is a magnificent, $12.9 million lodge that has taken high-tech to the next level. Forbes reported that this six-bedroom home is completely controlled by an iPad. That means each home system - from the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to the alarms - are all within reach on a small tablet computer. Residents can turn up the heat when it gets cold with the swipe of a finger, or tap into the outdoor security cameras while sitting on the couch in comfort. This mega-retreat also features built-in floor radiant heat, so cold mornings can be warm on the toes.

4. Customizable home layout
Called the "closet house," this home in Matosinhos, Portugal, is so customizable that residents can even change the layout depending on preference. Forbes noted that the pad is only 474 square feet - small by any measure of real estate. However, as a creative solution, architectural design firm Consexto integrated walls that can be shifted by pressing a button. Therefore, next time you get bored with the furniture layout in your home, think about being able to change the walls around instead. 

Your next home purchase could turn into a high-tech adventure as well. If you're entering the real estate market, contact the skilled Loan Officers at Poli Mortgage Group. We have been helping clients find low rates and great deals for over 10 years. Give us a call at 866-353-7654 and finance your dream home.

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