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The 3 craziest home improvement projects

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-10-14 07:20:39

Homeownership is something to take pride in. Aside from the basic benefits - such as shelter, security and comfort - a housing purchase can afford individuals a substantial amount of equity and financial independence. Accordingly, many individuals often look for ways to enhance their existing properties with outlandish additions in hopes of improving their own quality of life and seeing the resale price of their residence skyrocket. 

Poli Mortgage Group understands the allure of owning a home and works relentlessly to help clients successfully navigate home sales by providing mortgages. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only find and secure our customers low rates, but also treat them with integrity and afford them the upmost level of service. Our large workforce of Loan Officers have assisted countless individuals along the path to homeownership and offer valuable financial assistance through the origination of thousands of home loans.

If you're thinking about undertaking a home improvement project that will further personalize your property and potentially raise your neighbors' eyebrows, you might want to consider these three unconventional features.

Rock climbing walls
Love spending time outdoors? Wish you could introduce an attractive, natural aesthetic to your home's interior? Well, you may want to have a climbing wall installed. These amenities can be included inside a house, or on its exterior siding, and heighten the property's functionality as well as its appearance. A 27-foot-tall rock climbing wall was installed at this home in Silverthorne, Colo., allowing its owners to ascend the structure's three levels manually, as opposed to taking the stairs. Walls can be designed to look like the side of an actual mountain, or be built in a kid-friendly style that includes colorful handholds that clearly display climbing routes.

Basketball, racquetball courts
Gone are the days of sport enthusiasts having to venture out to their local gyms or playground in order to enjoy a game of basketball. These days, if homeowners have the space and money available, they can commission the construction of hardwood on their residential property. These features can range in size, and be installed in either the backyard, or the interior of the house itself, such as this private residence in Dallas, Texas. Another popular option - that takes up less space but offers just as many opportunities for entertainment and exercise - is a racquetball court. These are typically enclosed by glass walls, so such an addition would look good if built indoors or outside. Looking to include a personal touch? You can have your family's seal, or another preferred image painted onto the hardwood court's surface. 

Personal helipads
‚ÄčThis may be the most luxurious improvement of them all. While a helipad is a simple circle of poured concrete, it acts as a landing zone for helicopters and other personal aircrafts. Forget having to sit in traffic during your daily commute - with a pilot's license, you could take to the skies. This estate in Ball Ground, Ga., includes a private helipad on its expansive grounds, which enables its owners to quickly travel to the nearby airport for longer excursions, or simply take an aerial tour of the surrounding countryside.

Thinking about adding one of these outlandish attractions to your home? Unless you plan on paying for these upgrades in cash, odds are, you're probably going to need some financial assistance procuring the materials and labor needed to make such improvements. Fortunately, the experienced Loan Officers at Poli Mortgage Group can help you get set up with an affordable payment plan, and realize your dreams as a homeowner. Call us today at 866-353-7654 to get started.

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