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Resolve to enhance your home's value in 2014

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-12-30 09:13:30

With the commencement of a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start, and many individuals are making resolutions that they hope will improve their quality of life in 2014. Although the majority of New Year's resolutions being made involve losing weight and saving money, a substantial number of homeowners are planning to enhance their properties in the coming months. This can not only update a home's overall appeal, but also heighten its resale value, which can greatly benefit those looking to sell their house in the future.

Even if you're not anticipating listing your home on the market this year, you may want to think about upgrading one of your property's features, as doing so could bring sizable financial rewards. However, you won't want to undertake just any home improvement, as some can actually harm - not help - the value of your house. If you're interested in seeing the resale price of your home increase in 2014, you may want to pursue the following projects.

Install new flooring 
All too often, homeowners who are concentrated on improving their interior living space focus intently on the decor and furniture, but pay little attention to what is underfoot. While linoleum and wall-to-wall carpeting get the job done, flooring materials like hardwood and upscale tile can serve to significantly enhance individual rooms' design schemes. Additionally, when it comes time to sell the house, these upgrades will help attract buyers who are willing to pay higher prices.

Organize entryways
Along the East Coast, the winter season brings with it substantial amounts of snowfall and the need for heavy-duty outerwear. Therefore, homeowners would be wise to make stylish changes to their house's entryways, so they aren't constantly cluttered with icy shoes and jackets. Constructing a number of attractive cubbies, or organizing a series of hooks, can create a visually-appealing storage system that can be used year-round. As this area is typically the first that guests see upon entering your house, it is imperative it sets an appropriate tone.

Remodel bathrooms
As the kitchen and bathroom are usually the spaces most often used by homeowners, they are the most popular living areas that individuals choose to customize. This type of project allows people to personalize every aspect of the room, from the wall color to the size of the shower, even the style of toilet. Accordingly, this can see home values hike considerably, as any work done could serve to heighten the resale price. Enlisting the assistance of a friend with a eye for design can help you to create a lavish aesthetic that could make this room the house's crown jewel. 

Transform staircase into stylish feature
Although you may see your home's staircases as simply portals to the living areas above and below, these functional features offer endless opportunities for customization. Changing the color can help it stand out, but adding different accents - such as a railing or eye-catching decorations - can help to highlight it as an integral part of your house. Consider using a color scheme similar to that is found in other areas of your house, or introduce new, high-end construction materials like tempered glass and wrought-iron.

While each of these improvement projects can help you receive a larger amount of money when the home is sold to new owners, they can cost a substantial amount to undertake. Poli Mortgage Group knows this, and wants homeowners to rest assured that they can make the necessary upgrades with the financial assistance offered through their many products and services. The expansive workforce of Loan Officers work tirelessly to find clients low rates and secure them with affordable mortgages. If you're interested in learning more, call 866-353-7654 for additional information.

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