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Residential updates that can improve your home's safety

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-01 12:41:11

Are you the proud owner of a home? If so, you've likely spent a considerable amount of time and money customizing the property to your personal liking.

While many homeowners undertake improvement projects that will enhance the cosmetic appeal of their homes, some of the most effective updates are those that increase the safety of occupants and protects against potentially damaging incidents. Though these upgrades primarily focus on function, they can also add a stylish aesthetic to your home, enhancing existing interior decorating schemes and creating attractive design trends. 

You don't want guests to your home to be fearful for their well-being during every visit, do you? Well, then you may want to consider having the following safety features installed in the living areas you use most frequently.

As one of the most visited rooms in a typical household, the bathroom can definitely pose risks to homeowners. Accordingly, it is important that you address each possible danger appropriately to ensure the safety of you, your family members and friends.

Grab bars - Due to the presence of numerous slippery surfaces in this area, it is generally a good idea to have chic grab bars incorporated in strategic locations. This can provide inhabitants and visitors of all ages the stability they need when taking a shower, bath or just inspecting their appearances in the mirror. These safety measures are available in multiple styles and sizes, so you can purchase the type that best suits your home's bathrooms. 

Scald protection - While many a homeowner enjoys taking hot showers, few enjoy sustaining third-degree burns in the process. If your home's plumbing system allows scalding hot water to come through the shower head or sink faucets, you may want to consider having the proper protections put in place. This will prevent you and your guests from inadvertently being injured when using the bathroom's appliances.  

This living space is likely the most frequented area in a residential home, as individuals usually gather around the table to eat meals many times in one day. Therefore, it is imperative that ample opportunities for safety are always present. 

Hygienic amenities - Is there anything worse than sitting down to dinner and realizing the cook never washed his or her hands? By having products that promote proper hygiene installed in food preparation areas, this problem can become a non-issue. Wall-mounted hand dryers can cut down on the use of dirty dish rags and commercial-grade dishwashing machines can make sure no germs live on clean plates or silverware. 

Adequate lighting - Since you're likely to use knives when cooking, it's important that you can see what you're doing at all times. Having new lighting fixtures installed on the surrounding walls and ceiling can go a long way toward enhancing safety in the kitchen. Recessed lighting provides a luxurious look, while track lighting will allow you to control what is illuminated at any given time. 

If your home came with a pool - or you had one installed since moving in - you're probably already well aware of the precautions that must constantly be in place to protect against accidents that could result in serious injury or death. 

Safety coverings - In addition to strong fencing that will keep children and animals out of the area, it is recommended that you cover your pool when it's not in use. Doing so can ensure that nothing will be in your pool without your knowledge and consent. As an added bonus, it will also keep leaves and other debris out.

While all of these updates may be effective, they can also be expensive. A great way to pay for such improvements is with residential financing from a trusted lending, such as Poli Mortgage Group. Contact one of our Loan Officers today to research low rates and learn more about the services we offer. Call us at 866-353-7654.

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