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Residential repair tips for damage caused by polar vortex temperatures

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-04-10 10:08:12

Although many housing markets along the East Coast are starting to experience warmer, spring-like conditions, evidence of the harsh winter weather that was observed this past season still remains.

The semi-permanent low pressure weather system in the upper atmosphere that is typically anchored over northern Greenland - referred to as "the polar vortex" - sent bitterly cold temperatures farther south than usual, creating extreme conditions in areas that are comparatively mild. This phenomenon caused a substantial amount of damage to residential properties across the country, and while Northeastern homeowners generally experience cold winters, this was one for the record books. 

Were vital portions of your home harmed from the hazardous meteorological events that recently occurred? Looking to make some repairs? The following tips can help you to make effective updates to your property - whether or not you plan on putting it up for purchase in the coming months.

Roofing issues
The drastic temperatures that affected all 50 U.S. states this year did more than just inconvenience individuals nationwide - it likely did a number on your home's roof. It is important to take a close look at this part of your house's exterior, as the extreme cold could have caused shingles to deteriorate and seams to tear, according to HouseLogic. If your house did sustain damage, you might see rust spots on flashing and cracked rubber boots around vent pipes, or notice water stains on interior drywall. 

If you're not too afraid of heights and have basic carpentry skills, you can fix these problems for a small amount of money. However, if you prefer to leave the work up to roofing professionals, they should be able to make the repairs without putting a large dent in your savings. 

Burst pipes
In many areas, temperatures dipped so low that ice formed within the pipes of homes' internal plumbing systems. Not only can this be an inconvenient problem, but it might also be messy if the metal conduits burst after seizing up, according to The Weather Channel. To fix this issue, you will likely need to call in the professionals, as the work can be extensive and intensive. 

After they have replaced all the damaged components, you can make effective repairs by preparing for next season and fitting the new pipes with insulation as well as sealing any cracks or holes in exterior walls and the foundation, since these are the areas where the harmful cold air can enter your home.

Ready to start work on these repair projects? Need a little financial assistance to cover costs? Poli Mortgage Group can help. Founded in 2001, this trusted source of residential lending has since grown into a regional authority throughout the Northeast, having found countless clients low rates and written more than $11 billion in home loans to date. Call 866-353-7654 to get started today.

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