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Popular storage design trends for spring 2014

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-03-31 09:44:06

As the weather continues to improve in many areas across the country, homeowners will no doubt begin to examine the different ways in which they can improve their properties in anticipation for the summer season.

One of the most effective projects that can be undertaken focuses on increasing storage space by creating stylish areas where possessions can be displayed or hidden from sight. Updates such as this can heighten the degree of comfort an individual enjoys within their house, as well as attract motivated buyers if the property is ever put up for purchase, since ample storage is a highly sought after residential feature.

Are you interested in expanding your home's storage capabilities? Consider the following options, as they were named among the top trends for spring 2014 by Zillow Digs.

Repurposed antique pieces
One of the best ways to incorporate a distinct style to your home's existing interior design scheme is through the introduction of stylish pieces of antique furniture. Within its latest  Home Design Trend Report, the housing analytics provider announced that this is expected to be popular in 2014, as renovation spending is down, and these items typically have an interesting story behind them. Pieces such as old trunks, rolling carts and armoires can add a rustic aesthetic to any room and creatively provide needed storage space.

Built-in, hung cabinets
While this type of amenity can be found within the kitchens of homes nationwide, it seems as though they could soon be found in a number of other living areas as well. According to Zillow, installing built-in cabinets will be the top renovation project for the 59 percent of homeowners planning a spring remodel. Thanks to their accessibility and organized appearance, these are the perfect places to hang jackets and store other household items. 

Cubbies, open lockers
In the same vein as built-in cabinets, this option creates an upscale appearance through simplicity. Similar to bookshelves, these open storage solutions allow homeowners to display their wares in an attractive fashion. Whether used to house books, or mementos from past adventures, this update can significantly add to a room's overall look, the real estate information provider noted.

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