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Connecticut Licensed: Mortgage Lender 10555 District Of Columbia Licensed: Mortgage Dual Authority Lic #MLB1979 Florida Licensed: Mortgage Lender Lic #MLD3, Branch Lic #MLDB1 (Pembroke Pines, FL) Georgia Licensed: GA Residential Licensee #23995 Kentucky Licensed: KY Mortgage Company Lic #MC71986 Maine Licensed: Supervised Lender SLM6369 Maryland Licensed: Lender Lic #19325 Massachusetts Licensed: Mortgage Lender & Broker MC1979 (Canton); Branch Lender Lic #MC1979 (Pembroke Pins, FL); Branch Broker Lic # MC13649 (Pembroke Pines, FL ) New Hampshire Licensed: Mortgage Banker 8761-MB, Licensed by the NH Banking Department New Jersey Licensed: Residential Mortgage Lender North Carolina Licensed: Mortgage lender Lic #AL-148839 Pennsylvania Licensed: PA Mortgage Lender Lic #32694 Rhode Island Licensed: Loan Broker 20031537LB South Carolina Licensed: SC-BFI Mortgage Lender/Servicer Lic. # MLS-1979 Tennessee Licensed: Mortgage Lic #109402 Vermont Licensed: Mortgage Lender Lic #6092; VT Mortgage Broker Lic #0927 MB; Mortgage Lender Lic #6493 (Canton); Mortgage Broker Lic #1155 MB Canton) Virginia Licensed: Mortgage Lender MC-5501

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Poli Mortgage Group partners with a number of helpful professionals who are available to you as you go through the various phases of your home buying or mortgage loan refinance process. It’s easy to search our partner database by clicking on the state you live in and then selecting professional services category you are looking for:

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