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The Mass Housing Mortgage Loan.

Poli Mortgage Group is proud to offer Mass Housing Mortgage Loans to qualified home buyers who reside in the Great State of Massachusetts.

The Mass Housing Finance Agency is a not-for-profit agency which does not rely on subsidies from the State of Massachusetts to fund its home lending business. Instead, Mass Housing packages the mortgage loans it buys from approved lenders, such as Poli Mortgage, into bonds and sells them the way a bank would.

The Mass Housing mortgage loan program is designed to serve low to moderate income borrowers throughout Massachusetts with low fixed rates and flexible guidelines. Since Mass Housing has control over its underwriting standards it can offer incredibly low mortgage rates for home purchases and refinancing with a low down payment or limited equity.

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Poli Mortgage Group can guide you step-by-step through the process of buying a home with the Mass Housing Program. Send us a web inquiry form or call us directly at 781.801.1400 to talk with one of our Mass Housing experts

A Few Key Features of the Mass Housing Program:

  • Programs for all buyers and refinancers
  • Low fixed mortgage rates with 30 and 60 day rate lock options
  • Low fixed monthly payments
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Non-traditional credit allowed (credit items which may not appear on your credit report such as phone bills, utility bills or insurance bills)
  • Speedy underwriting decisions
  • Up to 97% financing on single family homes
  • Up to 95% financing on 2 – 4 family homes
  • Multiple private mortgage insurance (PMI) options available
  • Programs with no PMI at slightly higher rates
  • Special MI Plus Program – Mortgage insurance that not only protects the insurer, but also protects you if you lose your job with as many as 6 monthly payments!

Why Isn’t Everyone Eligible for A Mass Housing Loan?

There are certain requirements that do need to be met in order to qualify for the Mass Housing Program:

  • Lenders must meet rigorous standards in order to gain approval
  • Loan limits are set on a county-by-county basis
  • Household income limits are set by county or community
  • Borrowers will typically need to have a clean credit history

Are Mass Housing Loans Sub-Prime Loans?

Mass Housing mortgage loans are NOT sub-prime loans. The mortgages made by Mass Housing do not carry any of the hallmarks of a sub-prime mortgage. The average credit score of a Mass Housing mortgage loan is in the 700 range and proof of the borrower’s ability to make the payments. Unlike sub-prime lenders, Mass Housing requires full documentation of assets and income.

Are Mass Housing Rates Higher than Conventional Rates?

Mass Housing interest rates are very competitive and do NOT carry rate adjustments (commonly called “Risk Based Pricing”) as a conventional mortgage loan would. This translates into a better rate for those who qualify.

Can I Get a Mass Housing Mortgage Anywhere?

Mass Housing approved lenders must apply and be accepted to the program. Loan officers who originate Mass Housing mortgages must go through intensive training on guidelines and qualification criteria. Poli Mortgage Group is an approved Mass Housing Lender.

Will It Take a Long Time to Get Approved?

The Mass Housing underwriting process is streamlined and expedited so you are able to close quickly on your mortgage loan.


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