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The Lowest Mortgage Rates in Massachusetts

At Poli Mortgage we strive to offer the lowest mortgage rates available in Massachusetts and just about anywhere else, for that matter.

When Chip Poli founded this company in 2001, his mission was clear and simple.

We’re going to offer the lowest mortgage rates, combined with the highest integrity and the best service.

Our company mantra was born: Rates. Integrity. Service.

Lowest Mortgage Rates MA

The thing is, you can’t just say you offer the lowest mortgage rates and expect people to believe you. You have to back up your words with results.

Over ten years has passed since Chip began growing Poli Mortgage and in those ten years our team of highly trained mortgage professionals have closed over 40,000 mortgages in a dozen states up and down the East Coast.

A popular website lists the lowest mortgage rates available, here is a screenshot from a recent search sorted by interest rate:

Lowest Massachusetts Mortgage Rates

Here is where the 30 year fixed rates begin:

here is a list of the best mortgage rates

We are most proud of the fact that we do very little advertising for a company of our size, each year we close over $1,000,000,000 worth of residential mortgages. The vast majority of all those thousands of loans are the result of referrals from our existing customers.

Referrals are our life blood and you don’t receive thousands of word of mouth referrals by treating people poorly or offering anything but, the best mortgage rates.

Here is a small sample of client reviews from our Google Places Public Review Page:

lowest mortgage rates reviews

We believe that people want to be treated fairly. When you get your quote from one of our Mortgage Originators you’ll understand why we can proudly state that we offer the lowest mortgage rates in Massachusetts.

The Mortgage Market

We monitor the competition constantly and we know where the mortgage market stands on a minute by minute and hour by hour basis.

This constant monitoring allows us to have a finger on the pulse of mortgage markets and allows us to identify each and every way we can shave an eighth here and a quarter there.

Control Over the Process

Poli is structured as a mortgage lender, with in-house underwriting and processing right here in Massachusetts. Our centralized underwriting facility allows for each component to communicate and identify potential issues before they’re even issues.

This centralized and vertically integrated mortgage operations center allows us to deliver closed mortgages to the secondary market much faster than most mortgage companies.

All aspects of the process work together and create an environment which allows us to bring the absolute lowest mortgage rates into the market, in an exceptionally timely manner.

We Treat People Fairly

The best mortgage rate isn’t where it ends. A great rate is good but, we want to be sure that our team deals with you, while adhering to the highest standards integrity. This means we will give you straight answers, no doubletalk or sales tricks here.

When you call or email we respond promptly and courteously, you won’t have to wait 3 days for a response for our team.

Our originators, processors, underwriters and closers will keep you updated each and every step of the way, from pre-approval to closing table.

We also understand that there are other parties involved including closing attorneys, real estate appraisers and title companies. We carefully choose which third party providers we trust your business with, if they don’t meet our standards, they don’t get our business.

When you choose Poli Mortgage you can rest on the knowledge that you will be getting the lowest mortgage rate available and you’ll know that you will be working with people of the highest integrity and receiving the best customer service.

That’s what we do!

Rates. Integrity. Service.


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