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Love your lawn: 4 alternatives to natural grass that can enhance your yard

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-04-22 07:06:08

With the presence of warmer temperatures, and summertime right around the corner, you and your family are likely eager to get outside amid the sunshine and fresh air.

If the home you purchased came with a sizable amount of land, you can enjoy spending time outdoors while playing recreational games, exercising your green thumb or simply relaxing in a comfortable chair with a cold beverage. However, in many areas along the East Coast, cultivating a lawn of verdant, healthy grass is no easy - or inexpensive - feat. For this reason, many homeowners have decided to customize their front and backyards in a fashion that reduces the amount of upkeep they need to perform regularly and heightens their personal satisfaction. Oftentimes, this involves the removal of grass, and the incorporation of a contemporary alternative that is both convenient and beneficial. 

Are you interested in doing away with your lawn's current landscaping scheme and introducing a new, modern aesthetic? Implementing one of the following four strategies can help enhance your home's overall curb appeal and increase the amount of personal satisfaction you derive from your residential property.

1. Plant edible arrangements - While neighborhood critters may enjoy snacking on grass, there are a number of attractive plants you can incorporate into your yard that you and your family can enjoy eating. By swapping out grass for decorative mulch, and positioning these shrubs in an eye-pleasing pattern, you can create the look of a quaint oasis, HouseLogic noted. As an added benefit, cultivating food items such as cabbage, herbs, tomatoes, raspberries and pole beans can help you cut back on monthly grocery bills during the summer - and potentially improve your overall well-being. 

2. Xeriscape the yard - Another great landscaping scheme that involves doing away with grass is xeriscaping. This is largely popular in portions of the country where maintaining a lush, green lawn is both difficult and expensive, and can provide a number of benefits - aside from the cost-savings, according to Houzz. If you or any of your family members suffer from allergies, replacing the grass with pebbles, ground cover or traditional building materials can reduce the discomfort routinely experienced. Additionally, it requires virtually no maintenance, so you can retire your lawnmower and weed-whacker once and for all. 

3. Install artificial turf - Who says only the Brady Bunch could get away with an AstroTurf lawn? This option has become increasingly popular in recent years, as it provides the visual appeal of green grass, but requires little upkeep and needs no pesticides or fertilizers. No matter the climate in which you live, you can enjoy the look of a healthy lawn all year-round, as it is a great alternative in areas with infertile soil and little access to sunshine. 

4. Explore minimalism, understated accents - Many homeowners who have tired of constantly weeding, mowing, watering and raking their lawns have chosen to banish dirt from their property. Instead, some choose to have concrete poured with intricate patterns and exquisite colors. This still allows for outdoor enjoyment, but doesn't offer the underfoot comfort of natural grass. Featuring a native plant here and there can make for chic accents, otherwise, you won't need to worry about routinely warding off grubs and combating drought. 

Thinking about incorporating one of these strategies into your property's lawn? Doing so can afford you a number of advantages, but it is not without its costs. If you're worries about your ability to cover such expenses, consider contacting Poli Mortgage Group for financial assistance. This trusted source of residential lending enables individuals to research current low rates at any time of day without having to offer up any personal information. Once you're ready to speak with a Loan Officer, simply fill out the Contact Us form online, or call 866-353-7654.

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