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time to learn about mortgagesAt Poli Mortgage Group, we believe in offering every customer as much mortgage loan information as we possibly can. We want to help answer your up-front questions about the home loan process and also provide valuable insight on your mortgage loan-related decisions. We are also committed to keeping every current and prospective Poli Mortgage customer abreast of the latest in mortgage laws and news.

In addition to our very active blog, Poli Mortgage Group features dozens of self-educational articles and videos here on the Poli company website. These reference resources cover everything from the “how to’s” of buying your house to the real estate and tax topics everyone interested in buying or refinancing property needs to know. Think of it as your own personal yellow pages for mortgage loans!

If you are involved in a mortgage transaction or getting ready to purchase or refinance a home, we invite you to “favorite” our site in your web browser and check back often for our latest online learning center updates. We regularly upload new articles and mortgage loan information to the site. You can also subscribe to our blog feed, so it will automatically update you on new items of interest!

In addition, if you know of anyone else who is considering selling, re-purchasing, or getting ready to refinance a home, we hope you’ll share the link to our online learning center with them.

Click Here to view our video on Tax Advantages of Purchasing A Home

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