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Increase your home's value by updating its fireplace

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-15 09:18:14

Across the Eastern Seaboard, as the final leaves fall from trees and autumn draws to a close, homeowners begin to look for ways they can prepare their housing purchases for the cold weather and snow. While dustings of the white stuff do make the region even more beautiful, people tend to avoid the conditions and spend more time indoors during this season. 

Accordingly, many of the improvement projects undertaken by individuals around this time of year focus on their home's interior and the ways in which they can enhance their current space. And, since they typically get more use during winter, fireplaces are one of the most popular residential features that homeowners upgrade. In addition to the pleasing aesthetic that fireplaces create in living areas, they also provide a valuable function.

Are you considering a home improvement project to update your fireplace? If so, there are a number of ways you can achieve you goal, and some might even see your home's value heighten. 

Increase its size
Just because your home's fireplace was built before you bought it, doesn't mean you are obligated to keep it looking the same. There are many different options for enhancing an existing fireplace, including enlarging its size. This will allow it to accommodate more wood and heat the room more efficiently. 

If you want to improve the structure of your home's fireplace, you should first consult a trusted local professional in order to learn of your different options, and then spend a good amount of time weighing the possibilities and creating an attractive design.

Incorporate a hearth, new mantle
If you're interested in enhancing the appearance of your fireplace, but aren't too keen on the idea of modifying your chimney as well, there are still multiple possibilities. For instance, you could have a hearth built in front of the feature, where you and your guests can sit to get warm.

Additionally, you might want to swap your existing mantle for one that is more aesthetically pleasing to you. There are a multitude of types available, which range in size, style shape and material, so it would be wise to take some time and evaluate what design scheme would best suit the space. It is also important to research local ordinances to ensure you're always in compliance.

Surround feature with chic storage
A great way to create an attractive mantle for your fireplace and also provide areas to store your belongings is by incorporating intricate shelving on the wall around the feature. These spaces can be used to display prized possessions, or house sophisticated electronics, like a stereo system or flat-screen television.

Another great benefit of these storage options is the opportunity to keep firewood on hand at all times. This can not only enhance the convenience of starting a fire, but it may also improve the overall look of the room and give it rustic charm. This practical design trend can be found in homes across the region. 

Switch to a gas-powered alternative
Fireplaces are sought-after features by many homeowners, but if you're not particularly interested in dealing with firewood and the smoke it emits when burned, you might want to consider having a gas-powered alternative installed in its place.

These modern appliances run on clean gas, require no maintenance or cleanup and don't give off any noxious odors. In addition, these features are highly customizable, so you can choose which setup you enjoy most and the design that best complements the room.

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