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How to keep your older home looking, feeling like new

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-12 15:29:42

Though many homeowners may take great pride in the minute subtleties and small imperfections that define their properties' past and show its age, some prefer to keep their homes looking like it was just recently built.

And who can blame them? With the wide range of modern products and cutting-edge technologies now available on the consumer market, those looking to update their homes have numerous opportunities to do so, and multiple trends to choose from. Across the East Coast, metropolitan areas and residential communities boast neighborhoods comprised of homes exhibiting classic architecture and prewar designs, but also characteristics of contemporary construction.

Are you looking to give your older home a new and improved appearance? By undertaking the following housing projects, you can substantially enhance the look of your overall property, and possibly benefit from its heightened resale price.

Fill the cracks in plaster walls
While walls in modern homes are typically built from gypsum board, many older homes feature large, smooth walls composed of plaster. Though they provide the same function, plaster walls are more prone to chipping and sustaining fissures, which can be surprisingly expensive to fix or replace. If your home has plaster walls in need of attention, you could save money by making the repairs yourself, instead of calling in a professional. Simply reattach broken pieces using special washers and cover the whole surface with a thin, plaster-like skim coat, according to CNNMoney.

Use bright colors to highlight trim
Older homes typically include a considerable amount of accent work on lighting fixtures and window treatments, not to mention crown and base molding. In order to give your home an updated look, you may want to paint trimmings and accent pieces a different color from the rest of the wall. This can clean up the look of a room, and really make interior design features pop. This will have the same effect on your home's exterior, as helping trim stand out could provide it with a chic, cosmopolitan aesthetic. 

Keep colors looking like new
The idea that a fresh coat of paint can significantly improve the appearance of a home is undoubtedly true, but how often do you really want to paint all of your interior living spaces? A great way to keep colors looking fresh is by applying a light coating of starch to painted surfaces. This product isn't only good for keeping shirt collars stiff - it also helps protect against stains from damaging the wall, and makes cleaning away grime a much easier process, according to Reader's Digest. Though this tip may seem outlandish, it can prolong the life of your paint job - effectively allowing to you to spend less time and money on this facet of upkeep.

Tighten up squeaky floorboards
Hardwood flooring is a desirable quality in homes, whether new or old. Depending on the type of wood used and intricate designs included during installation, your residential living space may have a cozy, comfortable ambiance. However, if the floors were put in a long time ago, they may be a bit creaky. While some may think it adds to the home's character, the noise signifies that floorboards have become loose. By finding the source of the creaking, and drilling micro-head screws through to the framing below, you can stop your flooring from making any noise. 

These home improvement projects can each help your property to look its best, but some of the materials might cost you a pretty penny. If you're concerned with the cost, you may want to contact Poli Mortgage Group to research available products and services. In the past 12 years we have grown into an East Coast lending authority due to our Loan Officers who work around the clock to find clients low rates and offer the highest level of customer service. Call us today at 866-353-7654.

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