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How to incorporate the outdoors into your living spaces

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-03-04 08:01:30

In preparation for warmer temperatures, many East Coast homeowners usually look to plan a number of home improvements during the spring season. And, because the summer months bring the perfect conditions for spending more time outside, many of these residential updates serve to blur lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only can such enhancements heighten a house's aesthetic appeal, but they may also effectively increase its purchase price, should you ever decide to list.

Are you looking for creative ways to better incorporate and introduce the outdoors into your existing home's offerings? Undertaking any of the following projects could prove to be to your benefit.

Establish an inviting roofless room
Although the dog days of summer may have you considering a backyard pool, using this green space as an additional living area can provide you just as much enjoyment. When creating an outdoor space where your friends and family can comfortably relax and socialize, adding a visually appealing focal point - whether a high-tech entertainment center or rustic fireplace - and surrounding it with stylish furniture can make a big difference, according to Better Homes and Gardens. This establishes a function for the outdoor room and allows you to incorporate your own chic accents and features. This can find you additional square footage that can be used regularly during spring, summer and autumn to informally entertain guests, host upscale social events or just sit around and tell stories under the stars.

Swap drywall for window panels
Perhaps one of the easiest ways to camouflage the threshold between outdoor space and your home's interior is with the installation of a retractable sliding windows in place of an exterior wall. By replacing the structure dividing your lawn with an indoor living area, you can successfully bring more sunlight into the interior space, and create the illusion that your backyard is just another room in which to live, work and play, Houzz noted. This improvement can be to your benefit whether it connects green area, a screened-in porch or patio, as it increases the property's overall functionality and could help to attract a significant number of interested buyers, if you choose to sell the house.

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