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How to boost your home's curb appeal during winter

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-12-16 08:19:33

The East Coast is often regarded as one of the most scenic regions nationwide, as its picturesque beauty can be enjoyed during all seasons each year. And, while summer may see a sizable influx of visitors looking to enjoy the miles of pristine coastline and warm weather, winter also tends to draw large crowds, as the regular dusting of fresh snow can create a cozy - albeit colder - ambiance.

Are you hoping to coordinate the sale of your current home, and looking for ways to heighten the number of purchase offers submitted? If you're doing so during winter, you may need to take a few extra steps to boosting your residential property's curb appeal. As your home's exterior is the first aspect prospective buyers will likely notice when visiting, you'll want to be sure it is appealing to many. Aside from making sure your walkways are shoveled and rid of ice, you can benefit by using the following tactics to improve your house's outward appearance.

Paint front door an eye-catching color
Due to the fact that your guests - whether they be friends, family members or interested homebuyers - will probably enter through your front door when visiting, you want to make a good first impression, right? This can be easily achieved by making a quick trip to the local hardware store and buying a new can of paint. Typically, choosing a color that complements the hue of your trim is a good idea. However, depending on your home's architecture, you may want to introduce a new tone that will serve to grab the attention of all passers-by, according to Houzz.

Highlight season flowering plants
While you're attempting to add a splash of color to your property's curb appeal, you may want to think about the landscaping. Inches of snow may cover the ground, but a number of hardy plant species can provide vivid hues that add dimension to your home's appearance. If you weren't able to plan ahead and plant seedlings previously, introducing large pots and planters in strategic areas can achieve the effect you're going for. A number of colorful shrubs can survive cold temperatures, including camellias, winter hazels, and blue hollies, according to HouseLogic.

Upscale outdoor water fixtures
Northeastern temperatures often see large bodies of water freeze over, but you can create an attractive aesthetic in your front yard with the installation of a sophisticated water fixture like a pond, waterfall or fountain. Running the pump continuously will keep water moving and prevent ice from forming, which will ensure your upgraded feature will be a pleasing sight throughout the season. For added effect, consider stocking it with fish that can survive a range of water temperatures - as they can also provide entertainment in spring, summer and autumn. 

Seasonal decorations, lighting
Although your neighbors may have the tendency to go overboard with their outdoor decorations - akin to the Griswold family's holiday display - your home's overall appearance can benefit considerably from some tasteful designs. Wreathes on the front door and windows can add an attractive look, while a tidy stack of firewood might help create a rustic feel that attracts buyers new to your area, according to HGTV. Additionally, carefully stringing lights along your home can highlight its prominent exterior features that adds not only to your seasonal enjoyment, but also that of your neighbors.

Are you interested in implementing any of these tricks in an effort to improve your home's curb appeal during winter? If so, you can benefit by contacting one of the Loan Officers at Poli Mortgage Group. We understand the holidays can lead individuals to overspend, but that is not necessary, as we offer a range of lending products and services with incredibly low rates. Call us today at 866-353-7654.

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