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General Questions and Answers about Poli Mortgage Group

How long does it take to close on my loan?

We are the direct lender, this gives us full control over the process and we can move as quickly as you wish. After you apply, we will send you a set of disclosures to review, sign and send back. We will order the appraisal in the mean time, the quicker you can schedule an appointment with the appraiser and get the documents back, the quicker we will close.

All of the steps are handled in-house at our facility outside Boston, MA. Originations, processing, underwriting, quality control and funding all happen from one central hub. This gives us a huge advantage over most mortgage companies.

We pride ourselves on speed and flexibility, give us a call and see what we can do for you!

Poli Mortgage Group, Inc.

How long has Poli Mortgage been in business?

We opened our doors in 2001 and have closed over 35,000 mortgages since. We close over $1 Billion in loans each and every year.

Are your mortgage professionals licensed?

Yes, each of our mortgage originators have achieved an individual state license through the National Mortgage Licensing System, many are licensed in multiple states.

What states is Poli Mortgage Licensed in?

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.

Please visit here to learn more about where we lend.

Where does Poli Mortgage have offices?

Headquarters: 685 Canton St. Norwood, MA

Branch: Boston, MA

Branch: North Quincy, MA

Branch: Plymouth, MA

Branch: Plainville, MA

Branch: Sunrise, FL

Branch: Glen Allan, VA

Branch: Charlotte, NC

You can view branch details and search for a branch here.

Do I need to visit one of your offices to apply for a mortgage?

No, you can apply over the phone, via our secure online application or in person if you prefer.

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