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A Practical First Time Home Buyer Guide.

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The decision to purchase a home is always a big step for anyone, but it is especially significant for the first time home buyer. In addition to the excitement and anticipation a first time buyer typically feels about the prospect of owning a home, often there are also some feelings of uneasiness about initiating the mortgage transaction.

The team at Poli Mortgage Group encourages first time borrowers to do everything possible to self-educate early in your home buying and mortgage lending processes. We’ve seen firsthand when borrowers take time up-front to learn about the mechanics of home ownership and securing a mortgage loan, they will inevitably have a more positive lending experience.

To help new borrowers become more comfortable and confident about their home buying decision, Poli Mortgage offers excellent resources and helpful information online through its website. The comprehensive Poli Mortgage online Learning Center is constantly being updated with new articles and information to help first time buyers feel more engaged in the Poli Mortgage loan process. We also offer timely and relevant news and regular blog posts each borrower can follow as they go through the lending process and beyond to stay informed.

In addition, Poli encourages our first time buyers to elicit the help of one of our highly trained and experienced mortgage professionals as early as possible. Your Poli Loan Officer will help you determine your pre-qualification status, and also guide you through each step of the process, from application to closing. Connect with a Poli Mortgage loan professional today by completing our online inquiry form or calling us direct at 781.801.1400

We also invite you to review the following sections of our First Time Home Buyer Guide to acquaint yourself with the phases of preparing, buying and financing your new home:

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