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Elegant remodeling projects to undertake in 2014

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-01-06 08:03:08

As the new year gets underway, many individuals across the East Coast are likely making an effort to improve their financial standing or lose weight. However, a substantial number of homeowners have resolved to make upscale improvements to the properties they have purchased. While some resolutions may be hard to keep, updating a house is an effective and rewarding personal promise that people can benefit by keeping every year. 

If you currently own a home, and are interested in enhancing its features in order to see its value appreciate, you may want to focus on the following projects in 2014:

Sophisticated lighting schemes
Though the sun rises in the east, it sets in the west - meaning many individuals rely heavily on electricity to illuminate their homes during the colder seasons when days are shorter. Accordingly, you may want to consider upgrading the lighting you have featured throughout your house. Posh fixtures like recessed lights and chandeliers can add to the home's overall look and effectively improve the rooms in which they are located. Spaces used for formal entertaining could benefit most, but even lesser-used living areas can take advantage of the new additions.

Install whitewashed wainscoting
One of the most popular design trends within homes along the Eastern Seaboard - especially coastal communities - is including wainscot on interior walls. Comprised of thin wooden boards, wainscoting affords interior living spaces a luxurious, chic ambiance similar to that found in elegant country estates, according to HouseLogic. This improvement makes an appropriate addition to just about any living space, and is a common update to kitchens, bathrooms and foyers.

As an added bonus, this provides ample space for storage. By screwing a series of hooks into the wainscoting and incorporating a number of shelving units, you can create a feature that adds just as much style to your home as it does functionality. 

Create attractive exterior aesthetic
In keeping with Northeastern design styles, you may want to think about changing the outward appearance of your home to one that is popular throughout the region. Using classic colors and rich textures - such as wooden shingles or Victorian paint schemes - can significantly enhance the look of the overall property, Houzz reported.

This can not only improve your sense of personal pride in the house, but also impress your neighbors and visitors. If you choose to undertake this project, you may want to consider adding similar accents inside your home as well, as this can heighten the degree of continuity that the property boasts. 

Spotlight high-end appliances
Much like works of fine art, expensive appliances can bring an upscale atmosphere to interior living spaces, and should be highlighted accordingly. If you recently invested in a high-end stove, wine chiller, trash compactor - or any other modern appliance - you may want to show it prominently within the room in which it is located. Displaying the feature positions it as a talking point, and may serve to attract a large number of interested buyers who are willing to pay higher prices, if you ever choose to put your home on the market. 

Each of these home improvement projects can cause a residential property's value to appreciate considerably, but such work is not without its own financial obligation. In order to see your property's resale value rise, you will need to spend money. Poli Mortgage Group understands this, and works tirelessly to provide its clients with affordable lending that helps prospective buyers successfully navigate housing sales, and current owners to make effective upgrades without falling behind. Our workforce of Loan Officers are licensed to operate in 17 states along the East Coast, and are routinely able to secure borrowers with low rates. To learn more, and get started today, call us at 866-353-7654.

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