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Effective updates for your home's interior doors

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-03-17 10:31:14

Looking for an easy and effective way to improve the appearance of your home's interior? Hoping to implement updates that will heighten both its cosmetic appeal and functionality? A great way to do so could be through the replacement of doors that provide access to internal rooms, as simple upgrades can enhance your sense of personal comfort, as well as attract prospective buyers, should you ever choose to put your home up for purchase.

There are a number of different approaches you could take to improving your home's interior doors that can benefit you year-round. Here are the most popular projects that homeowners up and down the East Coast have undertaken in recent months:

Illuminate dark spaces with glass inserts
Many of the older homes in the Northeast feature solid wood doors within their interiors, however, swapping these out for those that include glass could substantially be to your benefit. This allows light from other areas to enter the space and helps to open up living areas, as it is possible to see into other rooms, according to Houzz. There are many styles available, from a large custom-cut tempered glass, to smaller panels that can be used in an eye-catching geometric patterns. If you're looking to install such a door in a room where you might occasionally want your privacy, consider using frosted glass, which obscures views but still allows illumination to pass through. 

Save space with hideaway doors
Do you own a quaint home with tight angles and a compact layout? If you're ever short on space, you might want to think about replacing your existing interior doors with those that slide into the adjoining wall. This is a great way to make full use of available square footage, as the feature takes up virtually no space, no matter if the door is opened or closed, HouseLogic reported. These features are especially useful when entertaining, as each could be hidden, linking the rooms and creating one cohesive interior living space. This is a popular upgrade to closets, as it is simple to utilize and provides easy, fast access. 

Visually enlarge rooms with mirrors
Aside from introducing a transparent glass door, another fantastic way to make interior living spaces appear to be bigger is through the strategic use of mirrors. This can create a modern look for almost any area and help to brighten the room up a bit, according to Better Homes and Gardens. By further customizing the door frame and hardware, it can be made to reflect your personal preferences and distinct style. Additionally, including mirrors on doors is also a popular update for closets, as it enables homeowners to immediately examine their image after changing their appearance.

Accentuate with color, accessorize with add-ons
If you appreciate the size and style of your home's existing interior doors, you might not want to make any structural changes, but rather, cosmetic updates. Painting the doors your favorite colors - or hues that match the current design scheme - and adding in tasteful accents can help to significantly improve the door's appearance and help boost your home's degree of continuity. If you're looking to make a room's door appear to be a more integral part of the space's overall appeal, this is a great way to do so. Alternatively, you might want to introduce a visually interesting, contrasting aesthetic, by installing an antique door that was salvaged from another residence. 

Planning on undertaking any of these home improvement projects? Doing so would benefit you considerably, but could also cost a lot. Poli Mortgage Group, a regional authority in residential lending along the Eastern Seaboard, is ready and willing to help you. During its 13 years in operation, the trusted firm's experienced Loan Officers have found drastically low rates for clients and originated more than 40,000 mortgages. To learn more, call 866-353-7654 today.

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