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Effective home improvements to help you stay comfortable during winter weather

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-01-15 11:50:34

Every year across the East Coast, the presence of cold temperatures and regular snowfall typically has homeowners retreating back into their houses and wait for the start of spring.

While a number of individuals enjoy the winter - and the associated recreational opportunities - the meteorological conditions can prove detrimental to a residential property. Accordingly, many people look to take effective routine measures during the colder months to ensure their home remains in top condition. Maintenance and upkeep is necessary at all times of the year, but perhaps most important during the winter season. Newly fallen snow on your house can make for a picturesque sight, but come with unexpected consequences.

If you recently purchased a house, and are interested in protecting your investment amid harsh weather, you could benefit by implementing the following tactics.

Regularly rake your roof
If you live in an area that usually experiences a substantial amount of snowfall, you have probably at some point seen one of your neighbors raking their roof. This practice - which involves using a large shovel attached to a long handle - can help to remove large amounts of the white stuff from a home's exterior, where it can cause significant damage. Neglecting to rake your roof could result in considerable structural damage, as the weight of heavy snow can put a lot of stress on your house's protective covering, according to HouseLogic.

Additionally, this could lead to sizable interior leaks, as water that is unable to drain off the roof - due to there being much snow or gutters clogged with ice - could find its way into your home. Similar to roof repair, this would be an expensive fix to cover, so make sure you are aware of the amount of snow you allow to remain on your home.

Add weather-stripping to windows, doors
Although homeowners may be more focused on staying cool during summer, in winter, they want to be warm. Therefore, many individuals add weather-stripping to their home's openings, where heat can easily escape and cold air can enter. By introducing this material to window frames and doors, homeowners can better regulate their home's temperature by ensuring that warm air is kept inside. This improvement could also help people see their utility bills decline, as less energy is used keeping them comfortable during the entire season.

Weather-stripping may prove to be just as effective during the warmer months - as conditioned air will be better contained in the space, keeping homeowners cool and content. As an added bonus, this update will not affect the aesthetic value of any of the spaces in which you choose to add it, as it can be hidden from sight. 

Clear strategic portions of property
While shoveling snow is a great way to create safe areas for your friends and family to traverse, an easier approach is spreading salt. The mineral helps to melt snow and ice, which can help clear your sidewalks and driveway of seasonal hazards, reducing the risk of being injured from a slip or fall. In addition, salt can be thrown up onto your roof to facilitate the melting of snow and ice that cannot be easily raked. 

However, if you're looking for a more high-tech solution, you might want to have radiant heating installed within your walkways and along your roof's eaves. This can melt large quantities of snow with the simple flick of a switch.

Interested in making some of these additions to your residence? The initial cost may be substantial, but the updates can pay for themselves over time? If you're looking for financial assistance, consider contacting Poli Mortgage Group at 866-353-7654. This trusted lending organization operates in 17 Northeastern states and retains an expansive workforce of Loan Officers that routinely find low rates for valued clients.

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