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Dress up your home with these 4 types of decorative molding

Posted by:  Poli Mortgage Group, Inc.
2014-05-08 14:25:49

Are you in the market to sell your home this season? If so, you could stand to benefit considerably, as spring typically sees increased activity with housing markets across the Northeast.

When attempting to beautify their property in hopes of attracting motivated buyers, homeowners typically employ multiple strategies to improve interior living spaces, as this could garner more offers for a heightened purchase price. One of the most effective ways to dress up a room's appearance is with the addition of stylish molding, which can help add a new, sophisticated aesthetic to an existing space.

If you're interested in updating your house with exquisite molding, you may want to consider one of the following four styles, as they are considered to be among the most visually pleasing:

1. Wainscoting - While most molding is thought to be cosmetic, this type reportedly had a practical function at the height of its popularity, likely protecting the wall from any damage potentially caused by furniture, according to Better Homes and Gardens. High wainscoting generally covers two-thirds of a wall, and low wainscoting protects about half of a wall's surface - often from the floor to chair rail height. This style is commonly found in communities along the East Coast, and is popular in bathrooms since it provides a fresh, clean look to living areas. Depending on the desired effect, this type of molding can create the feel of a country farmhouse or a cosmopolitan estate. 

2. Crown molding - This kind of molding also serves to provide interior spaces with an upscale appearance, as it is typically found within dining rooms and other formal areas. Installing such a feature to the area where the walls and ceiling meet can help blend classic and contemporary design schemes and create a cultured atmosphere, Houzz reported. The many styles available allow homeowners to choose the pattern that best suits their spaces, and a simple coat of paint can help it better blend in with the rooms' existing characteristics. 

3. Base molding - In addition to crown molding, base molding can also heighten the visual appeal of a home's interior living areas. Found where the walls meet the floor, this addition can add a sense of sophistication and enable homeowners to use the spaces for both ceremonial and casual events. A number of styles are available, but it is typically best to go with simple patterns, as big, bulky designs can serve to hinder the flow of foot traffic within your house.

4. Box beams - Although it may appear to be offering structural support, this type of molding is purely cosmetic. Comprised of intricate combinations of wooden pieces, this feature is often stretched across ceilings in an attractive pattern, such as a series of squares, BH&G noted. Painting the overhead pattern the same color as the room's dominant hue can create an attractive effect. White is typically the most-used shade, as it can make a room look larger and brighter than is actually is. Another popular treatment is staining the beams, so as to show off the wood's natural beauty. This provides a more rustic aesthetic, which is commonly found in high-end rural properties.

Ready to get started incorporating any of these molding styles into your home's living areas? Poli Mortgage Group can help you cover the costs of materials and labor, as they can sometimes be expensive. As one of the nation's top mortgage lenders, this trusted firm has been offering clients great low rates since its founding in New England in 2001. To research current rates without having to offer up any personal information, log onto the organization's streamlined website at any time of day, or contact an experienced Loan Officer by calling 866-353-7654.

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