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Classic features to hold on to when planning a remodel

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-01-09 13:41:21

Have you recently purchased an older home? Looking for effective ways to update it? You may want to pay close attention to the following classic features, as they have remained functional and retained aesthetic value over the years.

Commonly, after many individuals are able to close a housing sale and achieve the American dream of homeownership, a substantial number of them tend to then shift their focus to personalizing the structure's exterior and interior living spaces.

Introducing exquisite design trends and highlighting unique features can provide residential properties with a customized ambiance that is in keeping with the owners' specific preferences and tastes. This can help to boost the home's overall attractiveness, and serve to heighten the owner's sense of comfort, as well as impress neighbors and visiting guests. Of course, while some modern residential fashions offer streamlined styles and come equipped with cutting-edge technologies, some of the most pleasing characteristics contemporary real estate remain the classic design elements incorporated in years-past. 

Laundry chutes, dumbwaiters
Laundry chutes can be found in some of the homes being constructed today, but usually only because it was requested by the owner. If you move into a house that includes this feature, think twice before planning to remodel it. Instead of continuously lugging loads of clothes to and from the washing machine, you could simply put dirty garments into the chute and retrieve them in the laundry room. As cleaning clothes seems to be a never-ending task at times, this can definitely be to your benefit. 

Additionally, although dumbwaiters aren't typically included in the blueprints for homes currently being built, they also provide convenience that many individuals seek. In houses with multiple levels, these features are used to help transporting items upstairs, or to the floors below. This reduces the hassle of having to carry heavy things up and down the stairs - as well as the risk of personal injury involved.

Attached porch, sunrooms
Especially in areas along the East Coast that enjoy favorable weather during most of the year, some older homes feature a room that is mainly composed of big glass windows and thin walls that offer little insulation from outdoor meteorological conditions. These spaces were formerly used as sleeping quarters in the days when central heating and cooling were non-existent, as it was believed fresh air helped to bolster immune systems, according to MSN. 

Instead of boarding up the large windows and reinforcing the walls, consider restoring this room to its previous glory. While this living area may not be of much use during wintertime, it can be an asset to homeowners during the spring, summer and autumn seasons. You can utilize this space as an additional room for relaxing and entertaining, or even for its original purpose - sleeping. 

Inter-room communication systems
When this feature was first introduced decades ago, it was a cutting-edge way to effortlessly talk to people in other rooms. However, intercoms declined in popularity over the years as homes got smaller and owners' need for room-to-room communication decreased.

If your home currently includes an intercom, don't be so quick to remove evidence of its existence - as you could take advantage of it in a number of ways. Aside from delivering audio messages throughout the residence, this feature can also be used to fill your home with music during social gatherings and during the holidays. 

Looking to effectively highlight one of these existing features - or maybe introduce one - in your current home? There is likely a multitude of construction professionals who can help you, but if you just finalized the sale, you might not have the cash on hand to pay for the work. Accordingly, you may want to contact a Loan Officer at Poli Mortgage Group, as these professionals can find low rates and secure you with an affordable payment plan that has favorable terms. Interested in getting started today? Call 866-353-7654.

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