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Connecticut Licensed: Mortgage Lender 10555 District Of Columbia Licensed: Mortgage Dual Authority Lic #MLB1979 Florida Licensed: Mortgage Lender Lic #MLD3, Branch Lic #MLDB1 (Pembroke Pines, FL) Georgia Licensed: GA Residential Licensee #23995 Kentucky Licensed: KY Mortgage Company Lic #MC71986 Maine Licensed: Supervised Lender SLM6369 Maryland Licensed: Lender Lic #19325 Massachusetts Licensed: Mortgage Lender & Broker MC1979 (Canton); Branch Lender Lic #MC1979 (Pembroke Pins, FL); Branch Broker Lic # MC13649 (Pembroke Pines, FL ) New Hampshire Licensed: Mortgage Banker 8761-MB, Licensed by the NH Banking Department New Jersey Licensed: Residential Mortgage Lender North Carolina Licensed: Mortgage lender Lic #AL-148839 Pennsylvania Licensed: PA Mortgage Lender Lic #32694 Rhode Island Licensed: Loan Broker 20031537LB South Carolina Licensed: SC-BFI Mortgage Lender/Servicer Lic. # MLS-1979 Tennessee Licensed: Mortgage Lic #109402 Vermont Licensed: Mortgage Lender Lic #6092; VT Mortgage Broker Lic #0927 MB; Mortgage Lender Lic #6493 (Canton); Mortgage Broker Lic #1155 MB Canton) Virginia Licensed: Mortgage Lender MC-5501

Let Poli Mortgage Help You Find A Great Real Estate Agent.

You’re looking for the best realtor in the business to represent you and Poli Mortgage Group can help! As a premium direct lender in your area, Poli Mortgage is in the know about your real estate community. As a result, we offer all existing and potential Poli Mortgage customers a convenient way to search for the Poli-endorsed real estate partners listed through our website. Just select the state you live in and our list of preferred real estate partners in your area will display.

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