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5 extravagant improvements that can heighten your home's value

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-12-06 14:43:44

Did you recently become the owner of a home? If so, you have probably given a little bit of thought to the different ways in which you could customize your property's living spaces and improve upon its existing features. Thanks to modern technology, a multitude of cutting-edge appliances and household products are currently available to consumers, which both enhance a home's functionality, increase its aesthetic appeal and lead its value to appreciate significantly. 

If you're looking to upgrade your home with a few extravagant updates, you might want to consider incorporating the following five luxury features, as they can provide you with the ability to create an upscale ambiance in various parts of the house.

1. Walk-in closets
Although these may come standard along with master bedrooms in newly built residential properties, older homes are typically void of such expansive storage spaces. If your wardrobe is too much for a sizable dresser to contain, and you have unused square footage to spare, having a lavish, walk-in closet installed may be a good choice for you. In addition to acting as a designated area for garment storage, these rooms can also house laundry machines and folding stations, as well as multiple mirrors and comfortable furniture that you can use while dressing. 

2. Steam room, sauna
Looking to get a more enjoyable experience than a simple hot shower can provide? You may want to convert one of the rooms near your bathroom into a sauna or steam room. These features boast numerous proven health benefits, and will undoubtedly impress all who visit your home. A substantial amount of work is needed to equip the space with such an amenity, so you should probably enlist the assistance of a trusted construction professional, However, once installed, you can enjoy a private steam bath that can soothe muscles and clear your sinuses. 

3. Basement bowling alley
If you've got the space - and don't need additional living areas that can accommodate visiting in-laws and relatives - one of the most effective uses for a basement is a bowling alley. The room's location underground muffles the associated noise, and having a lane or two always available can provide hours of amusement. 

4. High-end wine cellar
Consider yourself a blossoming oenophile? More interested in sampling fine wines than bowling strikes? You might want to think about converting your unused basement into a wine cellar. Here, you can store your choice bottles in a climate-controlled atmosphere that will properly preserve the beverage's flavor profile and quality over time. 

5. Central vac system
If you consider your home to be too big to justify lugging a heavy vacuum cleaner through every room and between floors, you might want to look into the possibility of having a central vac system installed. According to HouseLogic, this high-tech feature includes a number of inlet ports strategically located in different rooms around a home, where owners can plug in lightweight hoses and easily clean the immediate area. Debris travels through the system and collects in a bin - usually in the basement or garage. These generally provide five-times the suction of portable vacuums, and keep a home looking cleaner than any broom and dustpan ever could.

While these five updates may seem extravagant, and can heighten your home's overall value, they also come with hefty price tags. Poli Mortgage Group understands the financial complications association with such improvements, and offers a range of products and services that equip individuals with helpful residential lending. Our workforce of experienced Loan Officers routinely find clients the low rates they need to secure a sizable loan as well as an affordable payment plan. Call us today at 866-353-7654 to get started.

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