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5 effective ways to prevent water damage in your home

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-20 09:38:14

Across the East Coast, each season brings its own set of meteorological considerations that homeowners must take into account. Purchased residential properties afford individuals shelter from extreme temperatures, strong winds, blinding snowfall and torrential rains, however, in order to be most effective, they must be well cared for.

Whether from inclement weather or unintentional mistreatment, homes of all sizes need to be protected from the possibility of water damage. Though humans require this substance to survive, it can wreak havoc on a home's structural integrity if not addressed over a long period of time - and the required repairs can cost a substantial amount of money. Accordingly, it is important that homeowners take proactive steps toward mitigating this issue and ensuring it will never compound into a serious problem.

If you're looking for ways to prevent water damage, you may want to implement the following five strategies, as they can keep your living areas dry and your home's value high.

1. Survey the land, structures placement
One of the first steps you will want to do when determining how to avoid complications caused by water is to survey your property to see its grade. Residential construction professionals typically set foundations on the highest point of a land parcel, so water will naturally drain away. However, if you find that the ground slopes toward your home, you may be at risk for flooding and other issues caused by the inability to properly disperse water. 

2. Ensure adequate drainage
Aside from a home's placement and elevation, it is important that owners routinely make certain their residence's drainage system is operating properly. Gutters can easily become clogged between seasons - due to things like falling leaves, tree nuts and twigs - so they should regularly be examined. Neglecting to clear gutters of blockages can cause overflows in certain areas, which will have a negative impact on your home. Additionally, during winter, blocked gutters can create heavy ice dams that not only threaten to damage your house, but ruin your drainage system as well. 

3. Incorporate downspouts
If your home's gutters are in good working order, but the surrounding land slopes toward its foundation, you can prevent further damage by introducing a number of downspouts to your existing drainage system. By diverting water away from the home - through downspouts that extend five- to 10-feet away from its base - you can effectively ensure that your home won't be at risk every time it rains. This is an inexpensive and simple modification that you could complete by yourself over the course of an afternoon. 

4. Fix hidden water leaks
Just because you're unable to visually identify any existing leaks in your home, it doesn't mean that they're not there. Pipes hidden within walls may not show signs of leaking, but the floor beneath surely will. Even if they are miniscule, leaks can turn into significant problems over time. Taking some time to inspect the floor and ceiling of each of your home's rooms can give you an idea of where attention is needed, as well as hiring a licensed professional to inspect the plumbing and roof. 

5. Keep sump pump in working order
While this feature is usually only used during storms, it's that imperative you make sure its in top working order even on sunny days. Sump pumps help combat flooding, removing excess water from basements and living spaces that are prone to water damage. If a pump fails to work during extreme weather, mold and mildew could form and threaten your wellbeing, as well as that of your visiting friends and family members. 

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