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4 steps to hold a successful open house

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-04-30 08:32:43

Spring is here. As areas across the East coast continue to experience warmer temperatures and more hours of daylight, many housing markets may also be noticing heightened levels of activity.

Are you looking to sell your current home in hopes of moving into a new one? The spring homebuying season is a great time to do so. An effective way to entice more individuals into submitting a purchase offer for your property is by holding an open house. This gives prospective homeowners a chance to tour your home and get an idea of what it would be like to live there themselves.

If you're interested in holding the best open house possible, you could benefit from implementing the following four strategies:

1. Stage living areas
In an effort to help those who attend the event better imagine themselves as owners, you could make it easier for them by removing some of your personal possessions. Rearranging some of your furniture and introducing neutral colors to your home's living areas is also a great tactic, according to HGTV.

If you have any pets, you may also want to hide its things from view and have your neighbor or family member watch it during the open house. If any buyers have allergies, or don't like pets, they may decide not to buy the house before even seeing all of it. 

2. Advertise it adequately - With the prevalent use of the Internet in today's society, you would be wise to advertise the upcoming event on an online forum or social media website, Bankrate noted. Including a few photos and asking your friends to promote it could help reach a larger number of buyers and attract the right ones.

That's not to say traditional methods of advertising - such as signage out front and an ad in the local newspaper - don't work, though. These strategies will likely garner more attention from local community members who may be looking to move. 

3. Be a great host
When potential buyers visit your open house, it will be in your best interests to be a great host. A welcoming demeanor will put them at ease and make them better able to focus on the house and its attributes, according to the National Association of Realtors. While it helps to be friendly, don't lose sight of your objective. Creating a sense of urgency could help you field more offers for higher amounts in a shorter amount of time.

 "It creates sort of a feeding frenzy," said Martin Kalisker, broker-owner of e-PRO. "If your clients are interested and see that other people are interested too, it gets them off the fence." 

4. Make sure it's bright
In order to assist your visitors in enjoying the home's aesthetic qualities, open up the window blinds and turn up the lighting fixtures. Doing so can create a pleasing effect that gives your living spaces a cosmopolitan quality. If any rooms are too dark, potential buyers may not feel like they got to see the whole property, and may not follow up with a bid.

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