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4 marketable aspects of your home that you may be overlooking

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-01-24 07:11:08

Are you looking for someone to purchase your current home in hopes of moving into a new house? Having trouble finding interested buyers? Although you're likely well-versed regarding your residence's square footage, modern features and updated amenities, there may be some aspects of your residential property that can serve to attract a larger swath of prospective homeowners.

Weather patterns typically found on the East Coast may prevent some individuals from visiting for a tour, but informing them of the advantages your home boasts may attract a significant amount, even if the snow is falling faster than the temperature outside. If your house includes any of the following four marketable attributes, you could benefit substantially by highlighting them accordingly. 

1. Location, location, location
This is often the first thing potential buyers will evaluate when examining an available residential property. Therefore, if you are close to notable landmarks - such as parks and playgrounds, biking or walking trails, quality schools, popular retail centers, a grocery store or any other attractions - you could see a significant uptick in interest, which could result in a sizable purchase price. Keeping a local map on hand, or reminding your real estate agent to look up the area using their mobile device can help ensure potential buyers are made aware of what a great location your home is in. 

2. Attractive trees
While some homeowners may look to rid their properties of all trees - due to their potential risk of inflicting structural damage on homes during extreme weather - they can actually add to the value of your house, according to HouseLogic. Using data compiled by a University of Washington research survey, the housing information provider noted that mature trees anywhere in your yard could see your home's value appreciate 2 percent, while such trees in your front yard could push the home's price up as much as 5 percent.

3. Refined accents, finishing touches
When searching for a home, buyers can be a picky bunch. During times when there are a plethora of available houses on the market, they could take their time poring over every aspect of a property - and get easily turned off if they see something they don't like. Therefore, it's important for you pay close attention to the little things that make your home so unique, such as the color schemes and complementary accents. Adding base and crown molding to living spaces is an inexpensive trick to provide an upscale aesthetic that many find attractive. 

4. A ship-shape exterior
When potential buyers first arrive at your house, the first thing they'll likely notice is its outward appearance. And while it's important to ensure the interior is clean and organized, it's just as imperative the exterior looks good. If paint is chipping, or siding is in poor condition, visitors may view the home as run-down and not deserving of its full list price, according to MSN Real Estate. To make certain it evokes a sense of sophistication and elegance, consider having problem areas touched up, or repaint the entire structure. It may be expensive up front, but it could fetch you a larger profit after the sale. 

Strategically marketing these aspects of your home could help you to garner heightened interest from buyers, which could see the purchase price tick higher. However, if you're looking to close on your new house before the sale of your current one, and are in need of financial assistance, you may want to consider contacting Poli Mortgage Group.

During the last 13 years, the trusted firm has grown into a regional residential lending authority along the Eastern Seaboard, having helped thousands of individuals successfully navigate the path to homeownership. The dedicated team of Loan Officers at Poli Mortgage Group routinely secures low rates for clients, which they use to originate affordable purchases or to refinance existing homes loans. Learn more by calling 866-353-7654 today.

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