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3 smart ways to maximize the efficiency of unfinished attic space

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-14 10:01:52

Within housing markets throughout much of the East Coast, attractive historic homes boasting exquisite architecture and classic features can be found. And, typically, the individuals who have purchased these beautiful structures take great pride in them, often looking for various ways to enhance the existing living spaces and heighten their home's value. 

One of the most effective ways to increase the amount of habitable square footage a residential property offers - in addition to its resale price - is by modifying an underutilized attic. While these rooms may primarily be used for storage, they can potentially grant homeowners thousands of extra square feet of living space and be used for a wide range of activities and variety of different purposes.

Individuals who choose to transform their attics can not only benefit from improving the room's functionality, but also boosting the home's offerings and overall appearance. So, whether looking to telecommute to work, have a quiet space to exercise or simply just enjoy the company of close friends, those considering renovating their attics for the following three reasons have a lot to gain. 

1.  Create vaulted ceilings
Sometimes, depending on when the house was built, the amount of space found within the attic is not enough to provide an additional living area. Therefore, a substantial number of homeowners have chosen to do away with the elevated storage space completely and created vaulted ceilings for the rooms below. With the support beams exposed and roof rafters visible, an upscale, cosmopolitan design scheme can be introduced to the existing area that is sure to please both current inhabitants and prospective buyers. Although this change won't increase the livable square footage that a home offers, high ceilings are a sought-after feature among those looking to purchase residential property across the Northeast. For added effect, installing a set of stylish skylights can bring more illumination into the house, casting the interior in a positive, natural light and reducing the need for electricity usage during the day. 

2. Introduce a home office
Increasingly, professionals in a number of different industries have begun to telecommute, completing tasks from their homes that they normally would have had to travel into the office to do. Accordingly, many homeowners have begun to incorporate office space into their property's living areas. Attics make for great home work stations, as they are generally quieter than other rooms and farther removed from the main parts of the house. By ensuring that electricity is wired throughout the space, and that internet connections are dependable, all of the cutting-edge technologies used in today's business world can be introduced. Additionally, including an attractive desk, as well as a few filing cabinets, can complete the room and provide a place to keep vital materials in an organized manner. 

3. Provide an extra bedroom for guests
Individuals who just can't seem to dodge unannounced visits from their friends or family members can offer all of them a place to sleep by turning their attic into a guest room. This is one of the most popular ways to re-purpose the space, as doing so can be quick, easy and effectively see the home's value improve. By hanging new gypsum board, painting the walls an inviting hue and incorporating a few modern interior design elements such as contemporary furniture and a cozy bed, homeowners can create an upscale, comfortable setting with an incredibly attractive ambiance. 

Those interested in transforming their unused attics into a functional living space can learn more about the ways in which they can finance the project by contacting Poli Mortgage Group. Our workforce of experienced Loan Officers have the know-how needed to find clients low rates and help them establish an affordable payment plan. We've helped countless people navigate the path to homeownership in the last 12 years. Find out why we've been so successful by calling 866-353-7654 today.

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