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3 cost-effective ways to stage your listed home

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2014-04-08 09:10:25

Did you recently just purchase a new home? Are you looking to sell your current house in hopes of finally moving? If so, you're likely busy conversing with area real estate agents and industry professionals about the ways in which you can effectively market the property to local prospective buyers. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, doing so is easier than ever before.

However, there is one tried and true method of influencing hopeful homeowners to submit purchase offers: staging. Through the strategic placement of furniture and decorative accents, you can make your house's interior living areas appear to be sophisticated, inviting spaces that individuals will want to call their own. Using the following three tips for cost-effective staging, you may be able to attract more potential buyers to your property, and possibly even command higher sale prices.

1 - Adequately show off the home's features
Though you may have spent the past few months or years adorning your home with artistic trinkets and sentimental souvenirs, it is best to hide some away and let the house's layout and design serve as focal points. The features that buyers would be able to enjoy following the completion of a sale are the most influential, according to MSN Real Estate. For instance, if your home boasts hundreds of square feet of stylish hardwood flooring, it is in your best interest to show them off. 

"If you have hardwood floors in good shape that are covered by wall-to-wall carpeting, remove the carpet and clean the floor," Jill Banks, proprietor of Happily Better After Room Design & Home Staging, told the website. "Hardwood floors are a big selling point these days."

2 - Thoroughly clean and deodorize rooms
While it goes without saying, some home sellers neglect to clean their houses before having their real estate professionals bring over prospective buyers for informational tours and walkthroughs. Ensuring that everything is neat can go a long way toward helping visitors to appreciate the status of various living spaces and actually envision themselves living there, Bankrate noted. In that same vein, you should try to make certain that the house smells good, too. 

"When buyers see an unkempt home or smell something when they first walk in, they become turned off immediately," Jessica Page, a licensed agent with Innovative Real Estate, told the news source. "They can rarely see past it to look at all of the great features in the home."

3 - Creatively rearrange, group furniture
If you're in-between homes, odds are you've already moved a substantial amount of your furniture out of the house you're trying to sell. If this is the case, the property's interior may look a little empty and void of any kind of design scheme or style. To enhance the living areas' overall appearance and heighten the home's degree of comfort, you may want to move furniture around and arrange them into chic groupings, HGTV reported. Instead of pushing all of your furniture against the walls in an attempt to make the space look larger, repositioning pieces into cozy, conversational groupings can provide the area with a sophisticated aesthetic. 

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