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2 helpful tips to prevent water pipes from freezing

Posted by:  Chip Poli
2013-11-29 07:03:06

Every year across the East Coast, homeowners are tasked with readying their residential properties for the harsh conditions brought on by inclement winter weather. Cold temperatures and considerable snowfall can put an undue amount of stress on homes, and if they haven't been prepared for the seasonal onslaught, it could result in expensive damages.

One of the most costly issues - and one of the easiest to prevent - is freezing pipes. If they burst, you could be confronted with not only a mess, but also an expensive repair. In order to keep your plumbing in working order, you may want to take the following two precautions.

Outfit them with insulation. A quick trip to your local hardware store can help you find a wealth of inexpensive pipe insulation available for purchase. Simply slipping these over exposed piping can prevent them from succumbing to the low temperatures and allowing the water inside to freeze.

Ensure a constant flow. Although it may cost you a dollar or two, it is typically a good idea to keep a few faucets dripping, so you know that there is a constant flow of water. This can help ensure pipes don't freeze, and alert you to any problems before they lead to a potentially sizable burst.

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