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Common Questions and Answers About Refinancing

Will I have to pay closing costs when I refinance with Poli Mortgage?

No, we offer the best rates available with NO CLOSING COSTS.


How long will it take for me to know if I qualify to refinance?

We will run your application through our underwriting system immediately and pending the appraisal, we will have an approval within 72 hours.


Why are your rates lower than my local bank?

We do nothing but mortgages, this allows us to offer the best mortgage rates on your mortgage and do it with no closing costs. We have full control over the process and the pricing with direct access to secondary mortgage markets.

Your bank rarely needs to compete over mortgage business, therefore they will typically offer slightly higher mortgage rates.


How long will it take to refinance my home?

We are the Lender therefore, we can move as fast as you would like. The faster you send us your paperwork, the faster we can close. It's up to you but we can close in as little as 2-3 weeks.


What documents will I need to refinance?

Paystubs, W2s, bank statements and a copy of your current mortgage statement will get us started. Underwriting may require additional documents, but we will let you know right away.

Refinance Q and A

Will I need an appraisal to refinance my home?

A traditional refinance will require an appraisal however...

If your home is underwater and you have had a problem in the past refinancing due to a lack of equity, please contact one of our Mortgage Professionals immediately to see if you qualify for HARP FINANCING.

H.A.R.P. stands for Home Affordable Refinance Program, a program instituted by the government to help qualified borrowers get record low market interest rates, who wouldn't otherwise qualify. Please visit our information page on HARP for more details or call and speak with one of our mortgage professionals who can help to see if you qualify.


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